Spring has sprung, finally, but it’s still a cold day with a bit of wind. The magnolia petals are being whipped around the yard, getting battered and bruised. It’s overcast. And cold. And it’s spring. And I’m inside, writing blog posts and my heart isn’t in it. So I need to take a small mental break and visit my vacation photos from years’ past. This one below, was from our trip to Maine over a decade ago. A green building reflected in blue water. So peaceful.

Maine 2018

And here - the sun setting on water. East coast. Only three places in the US you can see this. Can you name all three?

Skaket Beach

Answer: Cape Cod Bay, Cape May (Delaware Bay) and the west coast of FL and Keys.

Sandwich MA

Sandwich MA

Look at that deep blue/teal line - so very pretty and calming. I can feel the sand between my toes. Imagine myself on that sailboat. Ok back to work. Break’s over.