On my bucket list of places to go is Watkin's Glen. Not the racetrack. The NY state park. I finally made it to the Finger Lakes this month and wondered why it took me so long to get there. Stunning place. Still rural. Beautiful. But the falls are probably the most photographed thing there. So how to do it differently? Do it in B&W. 

Watkins Glen State Park

My Office is in Brooklyn

I traveled to Brooklyn Heights for a wonderful 1st Communion this month. The family was so warm and open and the brownstone was a incredible canvas to create upon. Everything came together so perfectly. I love the fact that brownstones are built 'up' - 5 floors+ that would be a 2 floor home in the 'burbs. I used the narrowness of the space and the side lighting to make this image. I saw the repeating patterns of the steps, shadows of the balusters, the leading lines and loved how it all came together! And then I saw the shadow of the girl 'breaking' the continuity - I loved it and then I decided it had to be in B&W. While the colors were subtle, in the org, I wanted the composition to be in front. I think it works very well.