MyOffice Can be Personal

When you are a photographer - everything, on some level, is your office. You see at things differently. People look. Photographers see. Even on vacation, I am looking for images. Sometimes to sell. Sometimes to share. And when you find yourself in an 'office' like this one, well, you can't beat the view.

The view from Nauset Beach on Cape Cod

The view from Nauset Beach on Cape Cod

My office with flowers

Sometimes it's the simple small things that make me smile. Here is a simple flower floating in a bowl. It's a Gerbera Daisy - one of my favorite flowers since they are, IMHO, one of the happiest flowers around! The decor for this bat mitzvah was simple and elegant in rose and gold tones. It was beautiful. Decor: Laura Himmelien from Party Cake, Party Cake

gerbera daisy at bat mitzvah