Colored light

I’m a sucker for deeply saturated stained glass. It makes me happy in a way I can’t completely explain. I love to work them into portraits when I can. here I have a bat mitzvah during her temple run through. It’s an unguarded moment but I love it. The window takes up 2/3s of the image and her upper body takes up an overlapping 2/3s. It’s one of my favs from the session.


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I love photographing mitzvahs. They have all the joy of a wedding, have the fun of a birthday party and just slightly less stressful than a wedding for a photographer. And since I’m generally not around during the service, I get to see families being real and a bit more relaxed during the run throughs. I like capturing the unguarded moments.


And the unguarded moment applies to the party too. My goal is to be everywhere and not in the way. I don’t want to affect what happens in front of my lens during the parties. I want to capture your story, as it happens.


Sweeeeet 16!

We should celebrate when children have one foot in each world, childhood and adulthood. There is no one brightline that actually demarks that moment. But there are a series of small and not so small moments. One is your birthday. It’s a moment. When you’re young, it’s a big deal. When you’re older, it’s mostly not. But in between, we shouldn’t be so eager to move children to adulthood. Personally, there are more than a few times I’d trade with a 5 year old, or even my 19 year old self, any day of the week.

Sweet 16 candle lighting

Sweet 16 candle lighting

So a party to acknowledge that moment - that fleeting moment - is a good thing. It’s to celebrate this very moment. A moment where your child is in both worlds and not fully in either.

The lady in red!

The lady in red!

Celebrate life. Enjoy it. Enjoy your children. They will be grown and flown soon enough.

Flowers by  Lotus Petals , Maplewood NJ

Flowers by Lotus Petals, Maplewood NJ

The cake by  The Able Baker  - and it’s gluten free!

The cake by The Able Baker - and it’s gluten free!

My Office - A rather uplifting mitzvah

Nothing quite like being carried in as a grand entrance! This is one for the books. So very cool!

Fly in!

Fly in!

N had a grand time at Cedar Hill Country Club! N and his family had a wonderful fun time! From the grandest moments to quiet and touching…

a father’s love

a father’s love

This, is what it’s really about. Nothing more or less.

mom's love

My Office - Revisited

Years ago, I worked in the city. Here, the city meant NYC. I traveled thru Grand Central Terminal. Which is both a station and a terminal. Station, because trains pass thru it and terminal because trains start and stop there. Here’s an early photograph I made circa 1990s.


My Office - Outside

With my cell, I rarely go anywhere without a camera. Yes, it’s not the ‘best’ camera. But ‘best’ is a very relative word. While my pro cameras offer better quality, they don’t allow for spontaneousness. They are heavy. They need to adjusted. My cell, OTOH, can be turned on with two flicks of my wrist. Yes, I often go in and edit the photos. Yes, they can be blurry. But it does allow me to capture small moments.

Siberian Squill

Siberian Squill

Small flowers on my lawn as I run out the door.



Larger flowers above my head.

Native spring flowers in the backyard.


Some days, it doesn’t take much for me to get distracted and going inside to get the camera may mean getting pulled into something else and not coming back out.

Spring and fall are my fav times of year - Mother Nature puts on a great show!


Spring has sprung, finally, but it’s still a cold day with a bit of wind. The magnolia petals are being whipped around the yard, getting battered and bruised. It’s overcast. And cold. And it’s spring. And I’m inside, writing blog posts and my heart isn’t in it. So I need to take a small mental break and visit my vacation photos from years’ past. This one below, was from our trip to Maine over a decade ago. A green building reflected in blue water. So peaceful.

Maine 2018

And here - the sun setting on water. East coast. Only three places in the US you can see this. Can you name all three?

Skaket Beach

Answer: Cape Cod Bay, Cape May (Delaware Bay) and the west coast of FL and Keys.

Sandwich MA

Sandwich MA

Look at that deep blue/teal line - so very pretty and calming. I can feel the sand between my toes. Imagine myself on that sailboat. Ok back to work. Break’s over.