I am a documentary style photographer. I love trying to capture a common object in a different way. It's that simple. I like light and light likes me. Light & me are on a perpetual spree. My love is to shoot nature in a non-obvious way. I love finding the abstract in the everyday. I love color and patterns and the play of light. And yet, I can take my unique way of looking at things and find those special details - in your wedding, your child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah, your parent's 50th anniversary - and capture the memories. I capture the fun and the joy of the event - not just record who was there. If you want something different, yet not off the rails, I'm your gal. Joy Yagid Photography, LLC • joy.yagid@gmail.com • 201.657.6631

Looking to purchase something special - check out this great new, local website SOMA General Store - local cool artsy and carries my photo art! More to come soon!

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